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Smart Snark

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Just because you can doesn't mean you should

All hail the guardian mascot of Smart Snark: Moonrip Souldagger!

Make sure you read all the rules before joining. If you cause trouble, butthurt, or are only coming in here to white knight or bother people, you'll be kicked out.

Inspiration behind SmartSnark:
"On other snarking communities I watched people posting and I came to see (and you will notice it too if you watch wtf_fa, deviantartsnark, or any of the horrors that still exist on LJ) that people were only posting pieces where the artist obviously just couldn't draw. Pictures where the artist was very young, inexperienced, new, uneducated, or just had little to no talent. I felt like that was like beating up a little kid... it's easy because they don't have the power to fight back or seriously hurt you. Cheap shots. So, what I did is I would specifically post art where the artist could obviously draw well, but they were making simple or ridiculous mistakes like bad anatomy or wrong light source or confusing techniques. It was "this person can color like a pro, but they gave the girl larger boobs than her head." VS "this person can't draw at all! What a loser!" Every time I made those posts more than half of the people would comment with "Hey, I like their art." or "This post isn't good because that person has a cool style/can draw." Do you know how incredibly ignorant that is? Let's make fun of people that can't draw because that is easy... but if you make fun of an artist I like I am going to cut you down and call you an asshole."

That is the main thing that makes SmartSnark different. Read all the rules before you decide you want to be part of this place.


Subject to change and updates, please read up on them often

All posts are automatically members only to keep outside parties from trolling.
Outside parties: please don't throw fits that cause 50 more people to try to rubberneck this community
***ALSO (members): Check the memories for more in depth threads about certain topics that might be of use to you

1.) What is allowed as a snark: Basically, anything that has something to do with art or an artist. Journals, documents, literature, and music are all allowed if done by an artist or about some form of art (for example, to snark a critic's review on a film is snarkable because it is about a film, which is a form of art). On that note, film, photography, animations, paintings, etc. are allowed as well.
Anything you find on an art site is allowed too. Sites such as Deviantart, or Furaffinity are free game for any content within (as long as it follows the rest of the rules). And of course, snarks on "popular/elite" artists are welcome.

2.) Do not snark something just because it is badly drawn. Anyone can surf DA and find something a 10 year old drew and laugh at it, we want more effort. Snark concepts, descriptions, egos, drama, careless anatomy, etc.

3.) Discuss, don't argue. This means considering what the other person has to say and giving them your thoughts. This doesn't mean to ignore someone else's pov and push yours upon them because you are obviously right. Comments like "OP is a moron" or "This sucks" are not allowed. Explain why you think so with full sentences and do it in a mature and respectful way. We don't tolerate unreasonable aggression to other members.

4.) Don't dish out what you can't take and treat others how you'd like to be treated.

5.) Before posting, we suggest you make a comment to the artist telling them what you tell us. It does no good to critique outside of the source. This destroys the unpleasant surprise of the artist finding a sneaky snark about them when they would gladly have taken it to their face.
Of couse, if the artist is touchy about critiques and doesn't take them seriously, then we are happy to hear the snark.

6.) If something is inappropriate or mature, mark it NSFW.

7.) Pet Peeves, to an extent, are allowed but try to explain why. Don't expect everyone to agree, and if you comment, don't expect the OP to agree with you either. Don't make it something completely out there either, try to make it something other people might relate to.

8.) Keep snarks thoughtful and informative. You don't have to post redlines or huge long paragraphs about every little thing that is wrong (that helps but it isn't required). We just want you to have some substantial weight to your snark, a brief explanation about WHAT makes it wrong WHY and HOW you would fix it. Just pointing at something and giving a sentence about how lame it is is NOT how we snark.

9.) No favoritism in snarks. This means you can't only post about the same artist just because you don't like them. This also means don't defend someone just because you like them. If you don't agree with the choice of the OP, discuss it with them, don't get offensive.

10.) Rants are encouraged as they are lulzy, just have a valid point for doing so. If rants are TL;DR (walls of text), LJ cuts are VERY encouraged.

11.) Snark art, not the artists personal life. It's acceptable to snark parts of their personal life only insofar as it pertains to their art. If the artist is talking about their personal life in their image descriptions/art gallery journal/comments or any other publicly accessible location, then that stuff is fair game. But if you happen to know personal information that the artist has never made public, please don't go mudslinging it around here.
ALSO: Reposts of friends-locked/members-only communities are allowed only if it is possible to join the community without moderation. In other words, if you can just go click on "join" and see all the members only posts without authorization, it is considered publicly accessible and legal to snark. If you have to go through mod-authorizations or interviews to get in, then it is not considered publicly accessible and not legal to repost.
If it is against the rules of the community to share information that is posted within, please respect their rules. Users can just join the community if they really want to see.

12.) Personally host (imageshack) all mature images from Fur Affinity. Not everyone is a member of FA.

13.) If you have only come here to BAWWWW about getting snarked, be prepared to get kicked from the community. If you can't stand to have the obvious mistakes in your art discussed by people, then it shouldn't be on the internets. If you BAWWWW about your art being snarked in your LJ/art gallery journal/forum, and we get an angry mob showing up in the membership que, you will also be considered for banning.

14.) Don't delete your posts or comments. If you wrote something you regret, or there is an issue with what you've posted and you want to get it taken down, you can message one of the mods. If you delete posts or comments without moderator approval, you'll be liable for a boot out of SS.

Read and follow them all, or expect a ban. Nuff' said.

"furries are attracted to bright red throbbing cocks, like hummingbirds drawn to red nectar."